Memoirs from the Life of J. A. Allison

Under Your Influence: Love, Loss, and Codependency in Addiction (Excerpts from Rough Draft)

This is not the entire memoir. More of a preview.

@LLeVi8ed welcomes you to his memoir blog. These are long excepts of a rough draft.

The memoir is about being a highly sensitive person with clear-cut codependency, dealing with love, loss, grief, and spirituality, while also struggling with a fierce addiction to heroin and cocaine. It’s not another cautionary-tale, nor an addiction/recovery memoir. Those have been played-out and don’t sell as well as they used to.

After numerous relapses, I receive spiritual guidance from a place 2,000 miles from my hometown of Austin, TX and find closure, as well as answers to some of life’s universal questions from an unlikely source.

I’m doing everything I can to have mine stand-out of the crowd to get a message out there. The central theme is about impermanence and transformation, with the message: to move forward and be whole, you have to embrace your past as you transform it into something that gives you wisdom and compassion, especially in a time when there’s an abundance of dehumanization circling around the issues of mental health, addiction, and highly sensitive people.

I’ve researched everywhere and cannot find any book remotely similar to it, making it the first of its kind. Its complex structure alone sets it apart, being a bookended parallel narrative plot with interweaving narratives told in media res, with flashbacks.

Its dedication goes out to those who don’t yet understand, and to those who do, but can’t find a way out…

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