About the Author 

@LLeVi8ed (J. A. Allison) is a recovering addict and self-taught, multi-instrumental musician born and raised in Austin, TX.

He has been in and out of recovery for 11 years. Started off drinking and doing the “mild stuff,” then went into a rehab, worked the Twelve Steps of A.A., and then met a girl who eventually shot him up with heroin. That’s where the real nightmare began. After four more rehabs, picking up a crack addiction, and the death of loved ones, he couldn’t stay clean. He didn’t even want to live. Until, after a crazy meth and crack-induced psychosis, he found Refuge Recovery, meditation, and writing, which all helped him tremendously.

@LLeVi8ed has been in many bands playing drums, guitar, and bass. He also plays piano, mandolin, alto saxophone, harmonica, and DJ’s from time to time.

Finding a new love in writing has helped him figure out what his life is all about and answers to why all this happened to him.

He lives a life of writing and practicing a no-bullsh*t spiritual life of Buddhism. He currently resides in Lakeway, TX, a pretentious town outside of Austin, with his family and dog, Cosmo.



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