“J. A. Allison’s memoir… is so gripping and raw, I quite literally could not put it down. The story unfolds and grabs hold of you, luring you into the darkest depths of addiction and loss. It takes you through the entire range of emotions, and ultimately inspires. I loved it.”
—Award-winning author, S. M. Yair-Levy

“Your writing style is one of the best I’ve seen! The story is really captivating! Raw and real! [I’m] Not an addict but I can understand how it is. It was a bit painful for me to read because of how real it was. Really good… Can’t wait to see more!”
—Anne Teng, Writer’s Outlet

“Honestly, from the very start of the prologue, I was sucked in. Everything you described… it was like I could feel it myself. The need, the rush, the despair, and the panic. You tie your words together expertly. Everything flows really well, and truly, I can’t wait to read more.”

—Ivory Blake, Author


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