New intro to My Maisie

There was an innocent presence surrounding the wonderful allure of one of the world’s most reserved creatures. Ever since I had first laid eyes, I became attracted to the darling and delicate, Maisie Burkhart.

After introducing myself and finding out a few things about her—like her being from Oklahoma—I couldn’t believe she happened to be two years older than me, when she looked two years younger. She was even older than Scarlett. I assume I had a thing for older women.

By appearance, she was on the short side, but in my eyes she was seen as a dainty girl painted with pixie dust. A beautiful, busty, pixie girl, whom existed exclusively in schoolboy dreams.

She had arrived with her hair done up in a ponytail which was why she looked so young. But when she let it out, a long flow of soft chocolate descended past petite shoulders, surrounding a pale, angelic face. A face that cradled deep and worn eyes of hazel wood. Such features solely belong to a woman, which she was.

A woman I needed to be with.


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