Memoir Update

My Memoir is complete. It’s going through more revision processes and waiting to be read by an editor July 19th. Her job will not be so much proofreading but more of a developmental editing, going over structure and how it will be presented.

Remember, the writing you see on this blog are rough drafts. They are basically my initial ideas on how the chapters would be. The final product will be much different but with the same ideas and new material.

Just because the writing is finished does not mean the book is finished. There is still a lot of work to be done. However, I do have a good query letter written and have started working on a book proposal, which is almost mandatory for nonfiction.

Even though the whole process is stressful, I’m having a lot of fun with it.

This will be published. If I can’t get it published the traditional way by a publishing company, it will be self-published and will be sold via amazon.

Thank you for reading and followed me on this journey. Whoever has been an early follower (you, right now), I will make sure you get a decent discount on the book when it is released.

Thank you all,

J. A. Allison



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