Gone in a Flash…

It was just another scorching-hot days during what was a new record heat for Austin, Texas. I had just left class up at the Art Institute when I pulled into a gas station to get gas.

It was right in mid-pump when my phone rang… it was her roommate—our bassist, Matt. Something unexpected had happened. I didn’t believe him at first, but sure enough it was true. On September 3, 2008, I lost someone dear to me, someone special to the whole city and everyone who knew her, Flash Bathory.

… just a young girl who liked to play guitar.

So this is my retrospective post for a talented young girl.

I can’t disclose what her birth name was, but Flash Bathory was indeed her real name, once she had it legally changed (let’s just say her previous name had to go).

Known to Austin as The Guitar Goddess of Metal. She loved horror movies, punk rock, metal, and guitarist, Randy Rhoads.

*For my story with Flash, scroll down my blogs.

Guitar sensation Flash Bathory began strumming at age 13, rapidly picking up techniques without any formal training including sweeping arpeggios, 8-finger tapping and slide guitar.

By 16, her passion led to lessons with virtuoso Mike Guerrero (Deathriders, Hellion, Carmine Appice), helping to refine her raw talent into a speedy, precise hybrid of neoclassical metal leads (ala Randy Rhoads) and aggressive punk pulsing in the vein of The Misfits.

Flash was first endorsed at age 15 by Minarik Guitars, followed by Tregan Guitars, Coffin Case, Luna Guitars and AXL. In ’02, ’03 and ’06 she hit the road for Warped Tour playing her own solo set, as well as guest spots for New Found Glory, Sugarcult, Vendetta Red and many others.

At 18 Flash has completed her first EP of original compositions, “Scars and Bruises.” She made a music video for the single, Running Red Lights, located at the bottom of this post.

This is being written by Flashes family:

“A lot of folks have been thinking that either this is a rumor or a falsehood but alas I am writing this to verify that unfortunately this is true. Flash is no longer with us in body but her spirit will always live in everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. She truly enriched the lives of those around her.”

As Alan Di Perna said in Guitar Legends Magazine:

” THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE A SHOOTING STAR. They come and hit the planet and explode into a beautiful rainbow of colors. Then they shoot off somewhere else. And that was the life of Randy Rhoads.

“We could not express truer words about Flash than was already written about Randy as we feel the same about her life.

“She is jammin’ with Randy now….”

Her Music Video

Her MySpace Page


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