I don’t live; only merely exist…

“Just get over it,” they tell me,

So I say nothing, for I know they don’t understand;

I wonder if they could just see

Sadness is not at hand, but depressed is what I am;

The difference between can be overwhelming,

And my suicidal thoughts can be alarming;

But I’m stuck in a lonely elevator forever in a free fall

Much like being in the back of a squad car for breaking the law;

The ground is riddled with broken egg shells,

Always on edge as my insecurity swells;

It’s a dark, barren life I live

Wishing the egg shell ground would give;

Though I don’t actually live in this world,

Instead I merely exist as I’m twirled;

Around by so many of my mixed emotions

So I weep and wish for your love and devotion.

Though it doesn’t really matter

My ashes you will still scatter;

And if they can’t burn this invisible creep

I will still exist here, only six feet deep


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