An Indie Spiritualist 4 LiFe

Growing up in the 90s, it was all about “Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll.” Since time is the only constant (even though it’s merely an illusion) so that saying died out. I adopted a new one that came from a lyric from The Transplants, “I live my life like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t give a fuck cuz that’s my motto.” That, and the invariably good, “Live fast, die young.”

But I didn’t die by age 25 like I thought I would. Not even at 27, to be apart of the 27 forever Club with Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin and others.

I still held on to the punk spirit of questioning authority, as well as everything in the world. These were dangerous questions to ask some people. People do not like it when you start to question their reason for living and prove to them that it is wrong. Popular society and mass media would obviously want us to accept everything the way it is—how it is shoveled into our heads.

That is not what this is about.

Indie Spirituality is “a new approach to divine experience for those who reject the trappings and hypocrisies of the mainstream spirituality—expensive ‘spiritual’ clothing/accessories, the stay-positive-at-all-costs rhetoric—and organized religion, who feel a sense of otherness, and don’t resonate with the popular cultural norms.” It’s a ‘free-version’ of spirituality—Spiritually 2.0, if you will, and is open for exploration.*

For me, it’s my love of independent culture, my struggles with addiction and recovery, and the strong desire to walk a spiritual path.

It took 5 rehabs and I don’t know how many relapses and detoxes to finally put my heroin addiction to rest. Once all mind-altering substances are out of your body, as well as most of the cravings, your spiritual journey can begin. Unplug yourself from you phones and computers and tablets and be one with yourself. It’s time to reprogram your mind by plugging into your spiritual self.

So, What is an Indie Spiritualist? And, Why do you care?

They come from people who seem to think differently from the crowd. They’re a “thinker” in society. And usually don’t fit in. They are social outcasts. But, they think independently and crave a spiritual path. Growing up, I always felt pulled toward spirituality. It was as strong as a magnet.

The spiritual path we crave is a path outside the confines of organized religion. Regardless of what anyone else—family, friends, whoever—says, you honor the spiritual truth with yourself.

Stay true to your heart.

To be continued…

*quote from Chris Grosso’s Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality. 2014


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