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@LLeVi8ed Disorders welcomes you to J. A. Allison’s Memoir/Book/Spiritual/Therapy blog.

There are long excepts of a rough draft and posts of poems, stories, and articles that relate to the main themes of the memoir—love, grief, codependency, depression, anxiety, spirituality, empathic and highly sensitive people, and addiction disorder.

I have been receiving many emails from people as far as NY wanting to talk about these these disorders and better way of living. I welcome you to do the same—even if you’re not struggling with these issues and you just need someone to talk to, I’m always here. it’s sort of a therapy without a licensed professional, yet I am an experienced expert when it comes to those eight topics. (I have had counselors in rehab who weren’t addicts themselves, and—Mr. Stubborn, here—wouldn’t listen to a word they said because of it. Addicts are like that.) However, in My unlicensed therapy talks, I have been there, in your shoes. I call it Therapy 2.0.

This is my story of a possible rebirth and transformation from a highly sensitive kid dealing with love, loss, grief, and clear-cut codependency while struggling with depression, drug addiction, and the stigma that surrounds empathic people, to having a rites of passage into a possibly sober, purpose-driven, charismatic adult, who is enlightened spiritually in life and the energy of the world.

The memoir is told through my eyes showing scene by scene of how The possibility of transforming my depression and grief written in reflective present tense through, what author calls, HDAB—high-definition autobiography—with scenes that flash back to the years leading up to it, to show my codependency and addictions to alcohol and drugs—particularly, heroin.

People suffering the agony of traumatic memory are haunted by those memories that incessantly interrupt a present moment, insisting you give them your undivided attention. Therefore, my story is told in two separate narratives, the past and the present, that interweave like a hair braid, switching back and forth every few chapters. So when you become emotionally involved with one story, it cuts to the other to show the distress that life puts you through. Dates are provided before each chapter, as well as labels of past or present, to avoid confusion. It’s not another cautionary-tale, nor an addiction/recovery memoir. Those have been played-out.

After numerous relapses, I receive spiritual guidance from a place 2,000 miles from my hometown of Austin, TX and find closure, as well as answers to some of life’s universal questions from an unlikely source.

I tried to do everything I could to have my story stand-out of the crowd to get a message out there. But, I honestly didn’t have to do much other than tell it how it happened. The past years leading up to the person I am today play out in their own natural narrative.

Don’t get me wrong, though; writing this was perhaps one of the most stressful undertakings I had ever considered. Like heroin withdrawal without the painful bathroom trips.

The central theme is about a possible transformation, with its message: to move forward and be whole, you have to embrace your past as you transform it into something that gives you wisdom and compassion, especially in a time when there’s an abundance of dehumanization circling around the issues of mental health, addiction, and highly sensitive people.

Its dedication goes out to those who don’t yet understand, and to those who do, but can’t find a way out…

Latest blogs are posted at the top. Start with “Click Me,” to find chapter order. Thanks for reading! Click the menu (three lines) to get started.

If you are struggling with any of the disorders and issues mentioned above, do not hesitate to get ahold of me. I am a walking disorder. I have suffered through some extreme atrocities pertaining to everything above. Please email me with your number and I will call you ASAP.

Be well.

Be real.

Stay internally plugged-in.

Remember, all the answers are right there in your head.


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