Writers are Heroin Addicts


The writer mirrors a heroin addict, in that, he/she will use the same vein over and over again, digging deeper and deeper into the subject until it is dead, then he moves to a new vein…

Believe me, I’ve lived in both worlds.

The writer will dig deep into a subject, soaking up every bit of information there is, leaving no stone unturned.

The heroin addict will dig deep into his vein, using every place he can that registers blood.

The writer will look into a subject until there is no more information for him to learn.

The heroin addict will look into a vein until it collapses, or dies, giving no more blood.

The writer writes to escape his pain.

The heroin addict uses to escape his pain.

The writer is constantly thinking of his prose, while working on a project.

The heroin addict never stops thinking of how he will get his next shot, while he is strung out.

The writer metaphorically cuts himself and bleeds onto the paper, writing down everything.

The heroin addict literally stabs himself and bleeds all over himself when he can’t hit.

When a heroin can’t find or can’t afford his dope, he experiences an array of emotions and becomes increasingly sick.

When a writer can’t find the right words or is stuck, blocked, he would rather be a dope sick heroin addict.

Jim Carroll, author of The Basketball Diaries: The Classic About Growing Up Hip on New York’s Mean Times.


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