Why Do Kids Today Think They Are So Damn Important?

Or, at least, believe they have more importance than anyone else in the world.

I believe there are several toxic things among us that are destroying human society and any possible hope for the future. Above organized religion but just below Greed, there is narcissism.

A narcissistic person will not look into him/herself to find peace and answers to life’s dilemmas. He/she can’t be at peace with themselves because they’re always comparing themselves to other people. I’ve discovered it is a toxic disorder that can be hereditary and/or gained from how kids are parented and received by others. This is only the tip of the arrow that’s broken the skin, but here I am going to make sure that arrow is shot deep into your head.

Not too long ago, I was at a grocery store waiting in line because the store only had one cashier working while the other four employees were hard at work walking around with bored looks on their faces. There was a kid behind me, maybe 13 or 14-years old on his phone looking at pictures. I noticed in his other hand he was holding a bag of Trolli’s Peach Rings(c)—my favorite candy.

“Oh, man, I am obsessed with those things. So good!” I say to him.

He looks up from his phone, but doesn’t make eye contact.

“Mm.” Then goes right back to his phone.

I think to myself, maybe he’s just a shy little bitch like I was. I also take a quick look at my attire, making sure I’m not dressed like a slob or a white-trash creep. I’m wearing a plain grey t-shirt and dark designer brand jeans with shiny white Adidas superstars on my feet (damn right). I look fine, so I give one more attempt to make a connection—with the little maggot—just to see if he is indeed, human.

“What about you, don’t you love them?” I ask it in a calm, casual voice.


All he gives me is a twist of the body turning away from me.

Why you little fuck.

“Little prick,” I whisper loud enough for him to hear.

That sort of got his attention, but not much. Not as much as I honestly wanted. I wanted to teach him to respect his elders.

He made a sound that cannot be typed with a keyboard. Well, I dont know how to type it.

After I checked out, I was walking towards the entrance/exit and turned around to look back at him. The cashier lady was trying to make friendly conversation with him, but his smug eyes were still glued to his little phone. Not saying a word back to the nice, elderly woman.

I shook my head and left—even though I wanted to squeeze his neck until his eyes popped out so I could have them make eye contact with me.

The thoughts of any kind of violence left quickly, making room for reason. Perhaps this kid had some issues going on with him. Some kind of social anxiety disorder or shit, maybe he lives in an abusive household. I didn’t know what it was; all I knew was now I felt sorry for him. That is the way I work: my brain wants something until my heart gets in the way of everything.

This wasn’t the first instance something like this happened while trying to make contact with the bereft, estranged youth of today. But I won’t get into those stories right now—one’s enough*. *Yes, I’m very guilty of sloth.

I want to get into the reasons, or causes of what contributes to the kids of today being the little narcissists they are, that refuse to have anything to do with other people or things that aren’t their precious little phones.

I was with a friend of mine who has his own family—a loving wife and little boy—and brought up the situation so I asked him the question of why kids are so narcissistic these days. I wasn’t surprised with his reaction. He had had his own experience, so he preceded to tell me the story of something that had recently happened with his kid.

Apparently, his 10-year old boy, Davey, came home from a friend’s house, upset, with a broken toy truck. When he asked his son What happened?

Davey said his friend had purposely broken his truck because it was more expensive than his. Being the protective father he is, my friend called the other kid’s parents to find out the details of what had occurred.

The other parents knew what had taken place, but were at odds with why their son did that. They said after they had reprimanded him, he refused to see reason and was adamant that he hadn’t done anything wrong. The kid actually blamed Davey for buying an expensive truck, saying…

He shouldn’t have bought it and he shouldn’t have showed it to me!

Such behavior is an indication of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) in children, and it can prove to be a problem for the kid in the long run.

NPD is related to a person’s immense love for oneself, self-admiration and importance, as well as one’s own requirements, desires, and well-being.
For a child, they believe they are superior and deserve to be treated better than anyone else, also having a deep disregard for other’s feelings.
However, simple self-love or selfishness cannot be treated as NPD.

The Traits of a Normal Kid Compared to a Kid with NPD

• a normal kid is grateful and appreciative when receiving attention; NPD kids do not express gratitude to parents or anyone.
• when a normal kid plays roles such as Superman or Batman, they know it is imaginative and not real; NPD kids believe they are greater than others, thinking others are lower than them.
• a normal kid has realistic needs that can be fulfilled; NPD kids have higher, unreasonable expectations from others.
• a normal kid can make friends and has a good relationship with family; NPD kids have difficulty making and maintaining friendships.

More NPD Signs/Traits:

—having High levels of self importance
— have impractical ideas of limitless achievements in power
— feel that they are entitled to everything they ask for
—avoid eye contact to whoever is speaking to them
—separation anxiety
—pathologic (unhealthy) play.
Im not exactly sure what this means. I think of playing doctor in an inappropriate way or playing violently. Please fill me in if you know.
—believe they are better than all the other kids around
—expect enormous respect and adoration
—don’t understand the needs of fellow beings
—exaggerate their personal abilities or success
—exploitative nature
—envious of other’s achievements
—inability to take constructive criticism and get butt hurt or upset easily
—blame others for their failures

Alright, now it’s time to find out, Why?

What causes these kids to think the world revolves around their almighty pubescent selves who walk around like talking hubrises, sucking on their vapor penis vapor pen as if it were their mother’s tit.

First let’s start off with a little bit of science:

Recently, a group of researchers conducted a computer analysis of three decades of hit songs. They reported a statistically significant trend towards narcissism and hostility in popular music. In line with their hypothesis, they also found a decrease in the usage of the words “we” and “us,” and an increase in “I” and “me.”
They had also found a decline in words related to social connection and positive emotions and increase in words related to violence and negativity.

One thing that I have figured out is that these kids have been raised with the Internet which gives them access to anything at the tips of the fingers. They were raised with texts and emoji’s so now they use what I call, social adolescent brevity. They respond to you only by using brief text messages full of emoji‘s and never using complete sentences, as well as no punctuation whatsoever, with the exception of using a thousand exclamation points for something insignificant—not worthy of all the !!!!!!!!.

Louis CK does a bit about kids today but it is way too long to write. You should check it out though.


—Negligent parenting: detached or unresponsive to the childcare
—codependent parenting: the line between protective and overprotective, love and of session is not maintained
—Excessive parenting: making the kids the golden child, where anything they do is praised indiscriminately
—having narcissistic parents: they see the child’s individual individuality as a threat
—Too much negative criticism: the kid falls inadequate and bad about themselves so they develop narcissism as a difference mechanism
—Being adopted or having divorced parents makes the child insecure and vulnerable so self-love helps them cope
—Irrational expectations: make the child think either too highly or too little of themselves
—Abuse of any sort
—Hypersensitivity makes them have a chance of being narcissistic
—Genetics anomaly: same genetic aberration can lead to this mental condition due to some changes in the brain

There is treatment for this. The most effective treatment therapy for Narcissistic Personality Disorder is psychotherapy, not medicinal treatment—although it’s used.
— cognitive behavior therapy enables the patient to recognize the problem and identify the thought and behavior problems that are adverse in negative. It helps them have positive and constructive thoughts.
— psychoanalytic psychotherapy targets the child’s grandiose self, their defense mechanisms against poor performances, and interactions with parents and peers. Also involves counseling of parents and family.
—Family Therapy
— doctors sometimes prescribe antidepressants as NPD kids tend to get depressed and suffer from anxiety.

Complications include an indulgence in drugs or alcohol when they grow up, relationship crisis with friends and family, getting socially awkward and lacking a social Circle, and difficult relationships at school and home.


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