The Way is Within… # 1

I will be posting a brand new sequence of blogs that will help you become the person you are destined to be—to disconnect from everything external, such as your body and appearance, and to connect into your inner thoughts, feelings, higher consciousness, your soul, whatever you’d like to call it. As long it is not Form.

Form is everything in your body—organs, bones, etc. Everything that you would see in your form you will also find in a pig or horse. The real you, the unique you, is 99 percent invisible, untouchable, and impervious to the physical senses, which know only Form. The largest chunk of who you are is beyond Form.

When you live exclusively in form, you live in a world of limitations. You can only lift so much weight or run so fast. There are no limits to your ability to think. You can imagine yourself doing anything. You can experience a major portion of your life in this dimension of transcending your form that is in transformation. The emphasis in our culture is on the value of the external, the physical experience.

“And be not conformed to this world. But ye be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

As truly and completely as it can be said, the Way is Within.

The First Entry (of many)…

The Painter of Your Life

The picture you create in your mind

is the picture you live in.

Go slow,

a great masterpiece is not hurried!

You have as much time as you allow yourself.

Notice the detail in your picture

and when something does not feel right,


stand back and ask, “Why?”

Is the picture of your life a masterpiece

or something indistinguishable?

You are the painter of your life. Learn to paint in detail so the picture of your life will have clarity. Often it is the attention to detail that is very important and can make the difference between something haphazard and something of great purpose.

There may be many times when you do not feel comfortable about your direction in life. This is an opportunity to stop and give yourself some time to gain focus. This pause can make the difference between an accomplishment and a mistake. We all make mistakes, but the biggest mistake is to not learn from them.

When something in your life does not feel comfortable, STOP, stand back and ask, “Why?” This is a very powerful and profound tool!


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