The Art of Being Real

I don’t know if you can call it art, but to some people it’s hard to do. When in reality, it should come natural. 

There is a difference between faking your look and faking how you mingle or coexist with society and your peers. If you’re going to go make new friends or are interested in someone then why would you lie to them? Why lie to anybody?

You’re basically telling the world and yourself that you’re not even a good enough person that You wouldn’t even hang out with yourself. 

Sure, I understand if you want to make a good impression—and in an interview scenario, most of the time you have to lie to get a decent job. But when it comes to other people you want to look cool in front of, that’s pathetic. 

Like most people I wake up in the morning, and based on my mood, I’ll decide which me I’m going to be and dress the part. However, all of those “me outfits” are true as shit to me. I have one ultimate personality but it can come in different variations. It’s all still me though. I don’t have to lie about who I am because I love who I am. My past has fucked me up royally but it’s what made me the dipshit I am today, who is cool as fuck, in my book. 

Don’t share lies about yourself. Share the truth. I bet my life that your truth is a lot cooler than any bullshit you could come up with. 

If you’re ashamed of yourself, get the fuck over it. That shit is going to keep you from growing into the kick-ass person you are meant to be. If someone doesn’t respect you for who you are, then Fuck Them. Most likely, they’re just projecting their own issues with themselves on to you. And you don’t need that shit. You are better than them. 

Love yourself. Do that and people will naturally come to you. Don’t think about loving someone else if you don’t love yourself first, it just doesn’t work and it will hurt in the long run. 

Be yourself and stay real. Use your past, no matter how fucked up you think it is. It’s what made you the badass mother fucker you are today. 


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