We Are LiViNG in the Age of Women

Guys… Don’t even try to fight it… we will never win. Like in any hetero-relationship, we must swallow our pride and let them be right.  They deserve it.

I’m neither pro- nor anti-Trump. However, I do believe he is doing a better job than the lying, fake Hilary Clinton would have done. I voted for the Green Party.

Ooohhh shit son. 

I think Trump’s mannerisms and the many Freudian-slips he makes are funny as shit, but damn, I can smell his aftershave from here in Austin, TX. Is that it, or is it the Rogaine, or the orange spray-on tanning oil?

There is one thing I know and it’s certainly true, Feminism is Back. 

And you can thank Mr. Big himself, for that.

Women have worked incredibly hard to come as far as they have. For the last 36 years, they have received more bachelor’s degrees than men. They have pushed their way—sometimes prosecuted their way—into male-dominated jobs, from auto manufacturing and policing, to the military and Congress.

In 2017, for the first time, the majority of students entering medical school were female. Despite statistics showing stalled careers, unequal pay, and male violence, they have invested in hope. Women’s lives have gotten a lot better than their mother’s and grandmother’s lives. And their daughters’ lives will be better still. There is really no need to get all angry and hostile—and man-hating— or to use old-as-shit terms like “women’s liberation,” with all it implies about the all-around nature of their house-ridden servitude and the powerful group energy needed to escape it.

Women aren’t just voting in huge numbers, they’re also running for fucking office, too! Five hundred women have declared their candidacy for congressional or administrative seats in 2018. And just when 2017 to a close, Doug Jones secured an astonishing victory over accused sexual predator Roy Moore in Alabama. And you know what? Momma don’t take kindly towards molesters of teenage girls.  

And electoral politics isn’t the whole story. #MeToo also has its roots in the post-Trump, Age of Woman awakening. After all, there have been plenty of male celebrities credibly accused of multiple sexual aggressions—J-E-L-L-O (That’s Bill Cosby, for you young-ins)—who did not spark a mass movement of women speaking out about their own experiences of sexual harassment and molestation.

Now, all of a sudden, it’s the…




Famous and powerful men, such as Harvey Weinstein and a bunch of other assholes, are going down at a striking, hellfire pace. Good riddance, too. 

Now, on the news, we get to see a glimpse of what was really going on behind the scenes: Who knew so many men enjoyed waving their tiny penises at females they hired?

According to a survey, in Chicago, 49 percent of female maids had opened a hotelroom door to be greeted by a naked man, or have seen guests openly expose themselves.

Ultimately, a group of Hollywood actresses, some lawyers, and more entertainment executives have pledged $13 million to support working-class women in their struggles against sexual harassment. The word “feminism” was picked by Merriam-Webster as the 2017 word of the year. And 2018 could well see a wave of more female victories. If this year is turning out to be anything like the last, women will be leading that charge.

Nails sharpened.


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