If I See One More Cat Costume…

I’m not going to do anything about it. Unless you’re a guy dressed up as a sexy cat/kitten, that’s just funny. If I see a woman dressed as the tired, outdone, and lazy, “sexy” cat or kitten, I won’t do or say anything. You have the right to wear whatever you want. However, if you did, you’d be saying a lot more to me than I would have to you.

It would tell me quite a good deal of information about your personality and possible insecurities. Or, it would tell me you didn’t read my post, or, if you did you read it, then it’s a big middle finger aimed at me.

I guess I deserve it. Oh well, I can be an ass, at times. I apologize. But, hear me out…

I completely understand your desire to dress up as a sexy kitty. It’s human nature for women—particularly, high school girls—to throw on a bodycon—Yes, I know what it is. I am especially fond of the dresses with the cuts or holes down the side. Mmm.—with the easy ears and try to make out with people. This, I don’t really have a problem with. That’s why society set aside a day for people to do it. It’s called Halloween.

So, if you’re okay with letting everyone wherever you are know you’re easy, by all means, be the best damn sexy kitty-cat you can be. Just be sure to come find me 😊.

I love when people get crazy and go above and beyond when it comes to costumes. Clever, handmade costumes tailored to our interests or sense of humor are definitely fun and cool to see, and it also says a little something about your personality. Of course, some of us don’t happen to be news junkies, DIY workers, or even have the talent, and so the whole “making a costume” thing is a little out of our hands. There’s also the planning ahead and making the time, which some of us aren’t very good at—Guilty on both counts, Your Honor.

Therefore, I’ll give it you you, ladies…

The hands down best, simplest, most low-maintenance, fallback Halloween costume for all lazy women has to be the cat costume. Get some ears, abuse the shit outta your eyeliner, and you’re golden. Or, black agate, since it’s always the Black cat y’all steer towards.

And why is that??? Now, I do see the lion, the leopard or jaguar, but never the Gray or Orange Tabby, Siamese, or even the radiant, contradicting… Sphynx.

Here’s something I don’t understand, it’s much like when a guy gets around and he isn’t considered anything, but when a girl does, she’s called a `slut.’ The same goes crap applies to what you wear: when girls wear something revealing, low-cut, or short, then call the press because Slut-shaming Season has arrived, baby! Even the protagonist of the movie Mean Girls refers to Halloween as “the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” — and I believe it’s true…

Women often wear things on Halloween that they wouldn’t normally wear on other days. But here’s the catch: Even though it’s socially permissible to wear such revealing outfits on Halloween, they still don’t always “get away” with it — because there’s usually someone telling them that their outfit choices reflect a lack of modesty, self-respect, or using their costumes as an excuse to sexually harass men. I have no problem with this whatsoever. I’m merely posting it to keep you informed and help you not make a mistake you may later regret. That’s alcohol’s job; not your’s. Don’t Get Sloppy.

Let’s get back on track: Why do girls continuously dress up as cats for Halloween? *Cough, Cough* Excuse me, slutty, promiscuous cats?

What is it about this “holiday” that makes it okay to dress up in skimpy, revealing outfits? Why not other holidays?

Like Christmas?

Never mind.



Why Halloween?

Maybe because Halloween, unlike most of the other holidays, isn’t a “family” holiday. Families don’t get together and have a big family dinner on Halloween (unless your family kicks ass or, you’re witches, of course). Though the word Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, is of Western Christian origin, few consider it to be a religious holiday today, giving another reason girls may feel it’s okay to choose this holiday to be the slutty one—or the more appropriate, and my personal favorite, the slutty devil.

Well, anyway, I guess I should let the cat outta the bag. LOL, pun intended there.

Sorry, it’s really late.

To let you know the truth, I love the sexy cat costume. I solely made up all that crap you just read to get you to read my thoughts and get an idea of what i think of from time to time. I just had an urge to write so I picked this, but I have a surprise for you In the end, so… don’t go get your tails all tangled!

Not as good?

Ok. Sorry. But, yeah, the sexier kitty, the better. However, what is it with guys being attracted to a girl dressed as a cat. Is it just me who loves when ladies do their eyelashes and makeup to resemble a cat’s eye? Or, even a girl “meows” at me, I get all tickly inside. Does that mean all of us men are into bestiality?

Anyways, if you do decide to dress sexy this year, stay in safe-lit places, avoid the homeless, and lastly, ladies, let’s Not. Get. Raped. And repeat…

Thanks for reading. If you read this far.

Here is your treat…

Halloween Cats!!*

*don’t dress your cats up, they hate it.






Here, we have a Hollister Bag!

Next, Aaarrrgh! A Pirate!

Tha thuggish ruggish kitty

“Draw, mutha fucka!” Cowboy Cat

Joker and the Dark Knight

And oooh la la… Sexy Maid Kitty

Look out! It’s a Megalodon!!!

A Couch!

A … what the…?

And last but definitely not least…

Donald Meow Trump!!!

Did you see how miserable all of them were?

Don’t dress your cat up!


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