your affliction.

I am the man that you fear.

A man without a face.

I’m all for equality,

And never discriminate a race.

You’re all the same

So any soul will suffice

As long as you are vulnerable

And can’t stand your life.

I sit and wait, as time flies by,

Likewise, you fly, trying to reach the sky

Until that day you fly too high

And It’s at that time that you become mine.

All of those negative feelings

I replace with comfort and relief

Blanketing your rejection and fear

And feeding you false beliefs.

As my slave, you believe you’re the victim

That It’s not your fault

Thus, you blame the system.

You just can’t seem to accept the reality

The same one you initially tried to escape

Instead you simply blame everything all on me

When all anyone has to do is rewind the tape

You have ultimately become every part of your parents’ worst fear,

For anyone to keep loving you

They’d have to be strong, and dry of tears.

I am your habit turned into obsession

The definition of insanity

I will forever and always be lurking here

In every joy, drug, or crutch for eternity

That’s what I am,

Your living affliction

And if you don’t beat me

I will forever be

your Addiction.


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