Wandering Star: Finding a Light in the Dark [a memoir]

Each of us strives to be a star, on a lifelong path to enlightenment, God, Nirvana…

But if we stray from our own yellow brick road to follow another’s, we might as well consider ourselves dark, eclipsed moons. We should never revolve around someone else. If we do, we can forget about our personal evolution—we’d only be appearing to change. When in reality, we’d merely be the cold, dead volcanoes and craters that make up our outer appearances—or, we could be big balls of cheese, you pick.

Fuck that.

We each have our own path to follow. And to find that path, all we have to do is look deep within ourselves, within our pasts. Especially, the darker moments, for they are the bricks laid out that make up the path. Those are the moments that distinguish our outlook on life and what kind of person we become.

The answers we seek cannot be found in external things. Not your phone, not a relationship, not drugs, not even the damn internet.

All of life’s questions can be found within ourselves. But… there’s always a catch.

Most of those answers are hiding, and the best places to hide are dark and obscured. Cloaked behind our fears. It’s when we seek those fears out when we find the answers. We look into the darkness to find the light we are looking for.

Because stars can’t shine without the dark, and neither can we.


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