This is gonna be good…

For a while I had been on the fence whether or not to include a few incidents I had caused, including a vital realization that turned out to be a real-life plot twist in my story. What kept me leaning the other way was that if I wrote about these incidents in detail, I would be blatantly incriminating myself. I could do some serious time.

After a thorough search for answers and legal advice, I’ve discovered that by a stature of limitations, since it had been over seven years after, I’m safe to tell them. Actual names of people and places will be left out, for obvious reasons, as well as major details, to not link me to any crime I may or may not have been apart of.

Now, don’t think I have successfully gotten away with things I’ve done. Quite the opposite. While jail time wasn’t the consequence I had to suffer for my actions, karma had made its way around to deliver even more severe punishments for my regrettable actions. I would have taken jail time any day over the physical, mental, and horrendous emotional pain I’ve suffered. Jail time ends and you’re free again, but I still live with this pain today.

After almost ten years, it still affects me as much as it did initially. I have only learned to live with it, accepting it may never fade away. This story is already a roller coaster, but with the addiction of these moments, it is going to be one hell of a ride, I can guarantee you this.


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