Empaths are here. Are you?

In school, did you ever, or do you feel different or misunderstood by your peers?

Do you feel greatly overwhelmed being in public places with lots of people?

Have you had constant feelings that you may not be from this planet, or dimension?

Can you pick up the “vibe” of a room full of people after you walk inside?

Can you feel someone else’s emotions even when they don’t show them?

If you said yes to most of these, it is most likely you are an Empath.

First, when I say you’re an Empath, I do not mean empathetic. There is a difference between the two. Empathetic means showing love and compassion; being an Empath is someone born with the innate ability to feel and understand what other people (as well as other living things, such as animals and in some cases, plants) are feeling and experiencing.

Confused? That’s okay, read my story and see if you can relate…

Back in school—before I discovered drugs and alcohol—I was the kid who was too shy and afraid to speak up in class and in a social group. I didn’t know then that this was because of the energy emanating around the classroom or group that had been too overwhelming for me to be comfortable. Since I had no earthly idea of what was going on at the time, I had kept quiet and to myself. On the inside, I’d be beating myself up for not have the guts to speak up. Even when I knew the answer to a teacher’s question, the feeling that everybody around was judging me had made it too intense for me to actually speak up. My voice would disappear.

In high school, I began feeling the pain of the collective—the oppression, racial segregation, and exclusion that plagued humanity. I knew deep down these characteristics should not define our collective human experience. It was wrong. And I knew this deep down. As well as knowing that we are meant to follow a more loving, connected, beautiful way of life.

I have always been a sensitive person who felt as if I am not exactly from this planet, or dimension. There has forever been a strong sense deep within that I am here for a reason, something special. But, I had never known what that reason was, until the last rehab I had attended.

For those of you who have been following my writing you should know about my drug addictions and all the pain and anguish I have been through throughout the past 12 years of my life. If you don’t, in high school since I couldn’t be comfortable being myself around people I discovered alcohol which changed everything. Alcohol made me comfortable being myself around people and I fell in love with that feeling so I started drinking every day before school. This continued on after graduation and into the next year but it became a huge problem so I went to rehab. I stayed in a halfway house after rehab and started dating a girl who was a heroin addict and long story short she shot me up for that my first time and I became a full-blown heroin addict. For more about that life just read my writings, I guess.

Anyway, the fifth and last rehab I had gone to was a six-month rehab at a ranch in Washington. In there, I talked to a shaman who gave me answers to all the secret questions that I had. I’m here to help create life as we empaths and humans are meant to experience it, I have an on earth. I’m here to help others remember who we are and why we came here.

Empaths are: the awakened

the soul seers

the light bearers

the visionaries.

My work is simply to commit unrelentingly to being as authentically me as I can possibly be. I know what it’s like to feel other people’s pain, worry, fear, sadness, elation, as well as my own. This wasn’t only the shaman that told me this either. I had also seen a lady that could speak with spirits or angels and she had told me the same thing.

(More to come…)


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