The Love Drug

Back in high school, my group of friends and I unwittingly had a label placed on us. Although, we considered ourselves extremists, doing everything involving a board—street, water, snow—we were known as ‘The Stoners.’ Solely because we didn’t participate in any extracurricular activities our school provided. Although, had they made Hacky-Sack a school sport, we would have taken State.

Nevertheless, if others would know us as the “burnout hippies,” I was gonna be the biggest, stereotypical epitome of what that meant. I saw it being all about the music, the twenty-minute-long, improvised, mostly instrumental jams, they called music. After listening to several bands, I discovered something I truly liked about it. Being a musician, I respected the musicianship and how most of the stuff I was listening to had been made-up on the spot. But something more incognito had hooked my unconsciously addicted self—something I believe only musicians, or having a musical background, can pick up. It’s the same thing I found in every music genre that entered my now naked ears.

A song was good if it had the pop-sounding, melodic, but divergent notes harmonizing with each other; like when a guitar picks the same few notes repeatedly while the bass guitar sticks with the chord progression, or when the guitar plays ascending notes, while the bass guitar descends. Its beautiful. I can feel it in my heart as it leaves a mass of goosebumps running up my arms.

Today, after taking ecstasy during the numerous times I’d seen these bands, I can recognize it—since both feelings are quite similar. Along with the warmth in my heart and goosebumps along my arms, I get a tingling sensation in the back of my neck every time I hear a particular part in these songs. If it lasted longer than the two seconds I feel it, I would think someone had laced me with ecstasy or MDMA.

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA, and also known as “Molly” on the streets, is the primary ingredient in Ecstasy that gives you the greatest feeling one could imagine. Pure, unadulterated bliss flows throughout your veins, while you feel a close oneness—an emotional connection—with everyone around you. It’s so intense, your self-confidence sky-rockets to the point of wanting to hug and talk to everyone who is willing to listen—and even if they’re not, you don’t care. That’s why it’s called:

…the Love Drug.

However, when it comes in a colored, solid pill form, with a logo imprinted, it’s usually been cut, or mixed, with anything from Ephedrine, Caffeine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, etc., it’s known as Ecstasy. A twenty-dollar pill of ecstasy can be fun, but is much too speedy. I prefer the cleaner feel of Molly.

The best time to take either is always a music show, preferably electronic music. Your body absorbs the constant beat as your body vibrates from the thumping bass. Water is a must due to the strong desire to dance nonstop. Chewing gum is also a necessity; otherwise, you’ll wake up with your teeth aching from grinding your teeth all night.

That is the only time when chewing gum as an adult is acceptable, unless you’re trying to quit smoking. If you see an adult chewing gum who isn’t trying to quit smoking or rolling their face off on X, then they haven’t yet matured from having that oral fixation everyone has when they are a baby, wanting to stick everything in their mouth. Baseball players are an exception, as well, because Baseball is so damn boring, you need something to do if you don’t chew tobacco.

Why is it that players can chew tobacco but can’t smoke a cigarette? I might have tried out for the team in high had they allowed it.


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