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@LLeVi8ed is a recovering addict and multi-instrumental musician born and raised in Austin, TX. He lives a life of writing and practices a no-bullsh*t spiritual life of Buddhism. Some may find controversy in the fact that he is a knife and gun enthusiast; however, to him, “The sheer idea that guns and spirituality don’t mix is like thinking that art and violence are incompatible, or love and death. It’s like saying karate is not an art. The way they combine is the stuff of art, literature, music—for that matter, spirituality. I am a human being who is a participant in nature, rather than a tourist. Although the act of hunting does merge with nature’s essence, which is respectably a sacred experience to some, I do not use guns to kill. I carry one simply for the art and discipline of gun handling and shooting, as well as being protected in any spontaneous act of violence which is becoming more prevalent with the repression of today’s society.”

He currently resides in Lakeway—a yuppie, cop infested town outside of Austin—as an advertiser and employee at a game room. While also balisong knife Flipping and cleaning and repairing handguns, he looks out for his family and dog, Cosmo.