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J. A. Allison was born in the northern part of Austin, TX, on April 29th, 1987, thus, making him an ideal embodiment of the astrological sign, Taurus—quiet, down to earth, loves nature, and very stubborn. Although, he may be quiet in a group of his peers, there’s a lot going on upstairs—racing thoughts in a never ending quest for knowledge and enlightenment.

J. A.’s high sensitivity to nearby stimuli has created an amusement park of emotions, thoughts, questions, and analyzation from an endless assortment of data in the world. Being of the 20 percent of the population with high sensitivity, he is keen to sensing different and unique things around him that normal people wouldn’t normally pick up (i.e. in his audio class, his teacher was messing with different sound pitches, where J was the only one in the class who could hear it. His teacher was shocked and intrigued).

The constant emotions he picks up from other people keeps him the introvert he was born to be, until the intrusion of drugs and alcohol took over, throwing him off track—jeopardizing his and other’s lives—and directing him on a path straight to Hell.

He spent most of his prime years—18-28—struggling in and out of addiction, experiencing a brush with death that left him hospitalized, and then losing a girlfriend and best friend, both to overdoses, before he ultimately recovered. Getting sick and tired of failing in the cult rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, he forever walked out and found his sangha (community) in Refuge Recovery—a Buddhist path to recovery from addiction. Getting in touch with his lost spirituality and gaining a love and respect for nature, the universe, his family, and what he chooses to call “God,” had brought him out of the trenches of addiction and into the light-bearing Empath he was born to be.

Now, he uses his experiences and newly understood abilities to help those struggling from everything that had him drowning in life—addiction, depression, anxiety, codependency, high sensitivity, and spiritual malady. If someone is struggling with life and chooses to talk to J, there is a method that seems to work. He will listen to everything one says and asks particular questions to find out what he needs to establish the inner subconscious desire the person is lacking. He then uses various “occult” methods, such as numerology, Tarot and Oracle card readings, and will ask other psychic friends if it comes to that.

In one sentence, J. is an avid reader, published writer, bibliophile, right-wing gun enthusiast, performance enthusiast, Indigo Adult, retired rockstar, indie spiritualist, Tarot Reading, balisong (butterfly) knife flipper, and self-taught, multi-instrumental musician—playing electric/acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion, mandolin, piano, harmonica, and alto saxophone. He has played in many bands in a great deal of genres, from punk to metal to hippie-jam band music; though, it had all started with a Blink-182 cover band. Ohh yes, indeed.

Some may find controversy in the fact that he is a gun enthusiast; however, according to him, “The sheer idea that guns and spirituality don’t mix is like thinking that art and violence are incompatible, or love and death. It’s like saying karate is not an art. The way they combine is the stuff of art, literature, music—for that matter, spirituality. I am a human being who is a participant in nature, rather than a tourist. And although the act of hunting does merge with nature’s essence, which is respectably a sacred experience to some, I do not use guns to kill. I own them simply for the art and discipline of gun handling and shooting, as well as being protected in any spontaneous act of violence which is becoming more prevalent with the repression of today’s society.”

He lives a content, solitary life of writing and practices a no-bullsh*t life of spirituality and mindfulness. If he isn’t running Austin’s Memoirists United or a Refuge Recovery meeting, you’ll find him at the gun range, making knife flipping videos under the name DeadSpiN, lost in another’s life, reading their memoirs, or in 15-20th Century Russian, French, or English literature—Defoe, Lawrence, Flaubert, Nabokov, Zola, and Balzac, being among his favorites.

He currently resides in Lakeway, a mildly-pretentious town outside of Austin, with his family and dog, Cosmo.

J. A. Allison has been published in the April 2018 issue of The Writer’s Outlet Mag. He is also considered a Top Writer on the Writer’s Outlet site.

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