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The blog posts are long excepts from the rough draft as well as poems, stories, and articles that relate to the main themes of my memoir—love; grief; codependency; depression; anxiety; spirituality; empathic and highly sensitive people; metaphysics; addiction/recovery; and finding meaning and purpose in our fear-based world.

I have been receiving many emails from people—as far as NY—wanting to talk about these topics, particularly, recovery from heroin addiction, and a better way of living. I welcome you to do the same—even if you’re not struggling with these issues and you just need someone to talk to, I am always here. Jaallison6@gmail.com

We are obligated to admit that we are not licensed professionals, yet we are experienced experts when it comes to drug addiction, recovery from addiction, over the counter drugs and the better holistic alternatives, how to help overcome codependency, Empaths, Lightworkers (Pleiadians), highly sensitive people, Astrology, and obtaining ancient knowledge (Akashic Records).

The author claims to have had counselors in rehab who weren’t addicts themselves, and, being the stubborn Taurus he was (and still is), wouldn’t listen to a word they said because of it. Unfortunately, most addicts are like that.

However, this obstinate way of thinking is only a crude justification, as well as an inaccurate one. One could learn a great deal about addiction if he/she has to constantly be around it, whether it be a struggling family member, spouse, or loved one.

We have been there. We have been in your shoes. We do the best we can with what we have: the knowledge from years of experience and having read many, many books on these topics. Our service is offered free of charge. We I call it Alleviated-TheraFree.

From the author:

This is my story of a possible rebirth and transformation from a highly sensitive kid dealing with love, loss, grief, and clear-cut codependency while struggling with depression, drug addiction, and the stigma that surrounds empathic people, to having a rites of passage into a possibly sober, purpose-driven, charismatic adult, who is enlightened spiritually in life and the energy of the world. In other words, how I overcame addiction, codependency, and my fair share of Life’s struggles, and rekindling the happiness I had as a child. Ultimately, I’d discovered the answer when I had given up trying to find happiness through the external and material things in life and peered into the last place I thought to look… within myself.

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If you are struggling with any of the disorders or issues mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us. Please email us with your phone number and/or message and we will get back to you ASAP.


Be well.

Be real.

Stay internally plugged-in.

Remember, all the answers are right there within you.